Christmas Turkeys & Geese

We rear the chicks from the middle of June when they are just one day old. They are reared under brooders until old enough not to need heat at about 6 weeks old and then transferred to a straw-bedded barn. After they are ten weeks old they are released into the field during daylight hours, while at night they have the security of a spacious barn with plenty of fresh air.

About our birds

The turkeys are nearly all hen birds from several slow growing strains bred specifically for Christmas to give a wide weight range and mature birds at about 22-24 weeks (compared with intensive supermarket birds of 14-16 weeks). This ensures the best conformation, succulent flavour and fine meat texture. All the birds are fed with food containing 70% cereal products and no animal protein or growth promoters.

The turkeys are processed on our farm, thus reducing stress as well as food miles. This starts in early December when all birds are dry-plucked, hand finished and then hung in a chilled environment for a minimum of 10 days which helps to tenderise the meat and develop its unique flavour. Most of our turkeys are sold direct to the consumer to enjoy throughout the festive season. We also supply several local farm shops and wholesale enquiries are always welcome.

We also sell free range geese, which again are hand reared from goslings.

Large free range chicken are available.

  • Availability Update:
    We have now completely sold out of all products.  Thank you once again for your amazing support and a Merry Christmas to all our customers. 

Christmas orders can either be collected from:

Noah’s Ark Farm, New Milton, BH25 5QF

  • Saturday 22nd December 8am-6pm
  • Sunday 23rd December 8am-5pm
  • Monday 24th December 7am-12 noon
    Or at other times by arrangement

Or Home Delivered (£2.50 charge per delivery):

Fareham/Emsworth areas

  • Saturday 22nd December afternoon

Christchurch / Bournemouth / Highcliffe / New Milton areas

  • Sunday 23rd December and Monday 24th December

Christmas 2018 Price List
(All Prices Oven Ready Weight)

Free Range Geese

All Weights £11.32/Kg £5.14/lb

Free Range Bronze Turkeys

Up to 7½ Kgs £8.98/Kg £4.07/lb
7½ – 9 Kgs £8.80/Kg £3.99/lb
9 Kgs + £8.52/Kg £3.87/lb
Crowns (all sizes) £13.70/Kg £6.22/lb

Free Range Chicken

Up to 3Kgs £4.82/Kg £2.19/lb
3Kgs + £5.98/Kg £2.71/lb

Orders will be taken until we sell out.
However early orders are always appreciated and will be given preference.